Why A Consultation Would Be The Best Step Before Starting Your Projects

Why A Consultation Would Be The Best Step Before Starting Your Projects

If you’re anything like me, a major home project often sounds overwhelming. There are so many small details you have to consider before you even get to the big-ticket items. Before you know it, your enthusiasm has fizzled, and any renovation project finds itself on the back burner – yet again!

Perhaps you’re further along in the process, but feeling unsure on how to proceed, or finding it hard to find a style that truly reflects your personality. Maybe you’re close to being done, but need that final push to bring everything together to create the harmonious space you’ve been dreaming of.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, I’m here to tell you a professional consultation with an Interior Design can do wonders for your project!

A design consultation allows you to:

1)      Discuss your vision with a professional who can help make it a reality

2)      Decide on a realistic budget to achieve an appealing space for you and your family

3)      Take out the stress from redesigning by letting a designer guide you through the design process

After our initial discussion, I provide you with a variety of options to get the look you want. Whether it’s creating a curated shopping list for your space, or a personalized step-by-step implementation guide – my goal is to help you get you through the finish line.

The most common concern – cost! I have worked with all budget ranges and can assure you – a renovation project is still possible on a tight budget. I can help prioritize tasks and discuss various budget-friendly options or workarounds to get to your desired outcome.

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Have more questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to me via email or give me a call at (919)225-9111

Remember – the best space is one where YOU feel most at home in!

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  1. Love this- Bringing it all together is such a challenge, but choosing the right designer, can be priceless.

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