What To Do When Planning A Renovation Project

What To Do When Planning A Renovation Project

When you decide on any project for your home you begin planning for it, you begin asking for recommendations for contractors and other trades. This is all good, but to be honest, the best investment you can make in your home is hiring an interior designer who can turn your builder basic home into one that you love.

Connecting with the interior designer can happen by booking a working consultation with the designer so that they can understand how you want your home to serve you according to your personalities and lifestyles.

Here is a blog post that explains why a consultation is an important step when starting your renovation projects, and another post where your designer is the best investment in your project when your budget is limited.

Even if you are just redecorating without any structural changes, investing in a consultation with a designer is a great step. We always have a fresh perspective on what the room can look like. keeping with the requirements of your likes and dislikes.

The room in the feature image of this post, I convinced my clients to not have the typical set up of having two big sofas and a chair; groupings we generally find at places like Rooms-To-Go and other retail shops. We broke it up a little, with four chairs and a settee, still providing the required seating, brought in a nice console table to display their accessories and added two additional dainty looking end tables.

Trying new things is fun, instead of just sticking to the safe options every time. Why not get a different perspective from the experts’ eyes? We love it when our clients’ expectations are exceeded and they feel we understood what they wanted and just made it a reality for them.

We are here to guide you through the process, even pull you to do something different and set a new comfort level by stepping out of their comfort zone.

The investment in a consultation goes a long way. Trust me. When you are changing things anyway, why not talk to the designer, who can turn your builder basic home into one that you love and give you reason to love it all over again and enjoy it in a completely different way.

It’s two hours with an expert with tons of ideas waiting to be shared, and help implement if you trust them and their vision for your space.

So, the next time you are thinking of doing a renovation or just a simple redesigning and decorating project, book a consultation and receive a wealth of information, that you can definitely benefit from.

Always know, I am only a call or an email away from solving your design dilemmas.

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