What Is Online Interior Design And How Does It Work?

What Is Online Interior Design And How Does It Work?

I have had numerous people ask me what is online interior design and how does it work? I was surprised at first especially when asked by people in the design industry ask me this question. And it struck me, that if the people in the industry do not know about it I am sure there must be people in general who would not know about it. So, I decided that I would write about it explaining what it is and how it works; as I believe that it’s not a commonly known aspect of design that many consumers would like to learn about it and actually work with a designer who is well-versed in the process of it, who can educate, guide and work with them. So Iet’s delve into what online interior design is and how it works.

What Online Interior Design Is:

In online Interior design or e-design, there is no physical in-person interaction between client and designer, but rather its all done online through a platform. Another important thing is that you will be doing most of the physical work like measuring, and once the furnishings arrive, assemble and put them in space according to the instructions provided by me, your designer.

How It Works:

You as the client would launch the project through my site by clicking on a button that says Launch Now, as you will have a chance to do at the end of this post and through my services page. You will be presented with a page that has a variety of packages that have different deliverables at different price points and you will be able to select one that fits your budget and needs. You, will then purchase it and be taken on a screen where you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will tell me what room(s) you are looking to work on, what your style is, color preferences, likes and dislikes. You can upload your inspiration photos, as well as photos of your space. All communication is done mostly online and if necessary we can communicate over the phone as well. All my packages have a 30-minute initial phone call and we can also communicate during the process of it.

So, once all the information is completed on your end, I will then review the details you have provided and create a mood board (an example of which you see above) that represents your style. Now based on which package you have selected the number of concept boards is dependant on that selection.

Once you have reviewed and changes have been made that you have approved, we move on to the next phase. which is where I prepare the floor plan(s) dependant again on the package selected. I prepare a complete and updated shopping list and complete instructions on how and where to place the pieces, how high to hang art etc. Will give some styling tips to make it look as if a real designer has designed your space and your home will look put together and professionally styled with my design tips and tricks.

Once your design is delivered to you with all of the deliverables listed on your package of choice you will then be ready to implement the design after placing the orders. Once you receive all of your pieces, you will then assemble and follow the floor plan and instructions for pulling your room together.

So what are you thinking of? Do you have a project that you have been thinking about but are contemplating the cost of doing a project? This is where my e-design packages at different price points can help you.

And the beauty of online interior design is you can do it as your budget allows you to take that project and implement it in stages. Get the design first, then implement it when you’re ready. Doesn’t have to be all at the same time.

If that is something that you would like to do, then why wait to launch your project. Click on the Launch Now button and get started.


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