Understated Glam

Understated Glam

Design Style: the arrangement or pattern of elements or features of artistic or decorative work.

The definition of design style above is a representation of different cultures, time periods, for example, Hollywood Regency which was formulated during Hollywood’s Golden Age, where there was a show of opulence with the use of elements like metallics and mirrors and bold colors.

Hollywood Regency which was formulated during Hollywood's Golden Age, where there was a show of opulence with the use of elements like metallics and mirrors and bold colors.

I love the colors in this concept board above you can see the curvaceous nature of the furniture lines that are sleek yet have an organic feel that makes it feel inviting and cozy and comfortable. The furniture in the Hollywood Regency is mostly small in scale.

The mid-century modern style has a similar sleek line as except that they’re a bit more linear. An interesting fact is that mid-century modern style has been derived from Hollywood Design style with a little bit of adjustment with specific characteristics. I will talk about this in this post.

The metallics come in the bases for the tables, accessories, and lighting. The marble table-tops gives a sense of luxury.

The upholstery for the sofa and chairs and even drapes that are incorporated to represent Hollywood Regency mostly is the use of soft lush velvet, but not limited to its use. Drapes can be patterned in this particular design style, as shown in this concept board where I incorporated one with a floral pattern with birds.

Accessories shown here are a few examples of what this design style represents.

The rendering above is another example of a Hollywood Regency style with its bold luxurious purple velvet chairs. The use of metals and bold colored artwork. This is a minimal version of the Hollywood Regency style.

A beautiful thing about Hollywood Regency is that it can incorporate a great many patterns, prints and both vintage or more modern and still be characterized with this style, accessorized with mirrors and mostly gold metallic finishes. Another interesting thing about this design style is that its characteristics can be woven into other design styles as well.

You see the leopard print ottomans with gold metallic bases, as shown above, are an example of this style. The mirrored end tables are also incorporated in this style.

Wall Treatments such as wallpapers also have the metallic look along with other styles that you can see below.

There are different ways to control how bold or understated colors on wall treatments as your personal tastes prefer.

Below is an example of a beautiful blossom and birds wallpaper that has a more oriental flair to it but can be paired with a modern twist to the Hollywood Regency style.

You can go over the top or be as minimal as you would like to be with this style as long as you have the elements present.

Above is an example of a bedroom display at the Designer’s Exclusive Market in the Fall of 2018.

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