I offer the following services for busy families, seeking a professional designer to help them in creating a home that has character, charm, and functionality and truly represents them. There are a variety of services to choose from but my best recommendation would be to start from a consultation so we can create a blueprint of that next steps that are best suited to your needs.


Wouldn’t it be great to receive a direction and or ideas on how to improve your spaces from a professional designer who can guide you on what steps to take in order to go about starting your project and receiving resources in order to complete your project?

Color Consultation

Selecting colors for your home can be a daunting task when you have so many choices to choose from causing confusion and or doubt. Wouldn’t it be easy if this task is simplified through a system of narrowing down your choices that would make the most sense for your home? A great many considerations need to be taken into considerations when selecting and narrowing down to the best choices the first time.

Window Treatments

Do you have tall ceilings and a wall of windows that need to be dressed? But the task seems daunting? Window Treatments come in all styles and sizes and can become a bit overwhelming when you have a lot of windows to dress up. Having an expert help you with those can make the task a bit easier when you can discuss all the different options.

Turn-Key Design                                                  

Does your home feel like it needs a facelift? LIke you need a new look, but are willing to hire and manage people to do the work? Are you unsure of what furnishings go where? What colors go with others? What size and scale of the couch to put in a room?

Kitchen & Bath Finish Selection

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Everything happens around the kitchen and since its such a central place, it needs to be immaculate with its layout and finishes. Curating the perfect kitchen is a very detail-oriented task that needs to consider many elements the finishes will be exposed to, and considerations will need to be understood before they make the final round of selection.

Designer On Demand

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the convenience of having a designer come and save the day when you need their expertise and help with your home projects? Or you just need some professional opinion on what you are considering purchasing, is, in fact, a good choice and or an alternative option can be considered. Are you thinking about your window treatment project? Click below to learn more.

Online Interior Design

Do you love to do your own home projects, but are not quite sure of how to make it come together? A guide and roadmap with complete instructions and design tips. The beauty of online design is that it helps you with providing all the required information for us to create a design plan, with a list of furnishings, and one on one meetings, all done remotely, but it feels like a professional has actually designed and styled your space in person. Does it sound something that you would be interested in? Well, you can learn more by clicking on the button below.

Guide To Hire/Work With An Interior Designer

Wondering how to work with An Interior Designer? 

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