Home buyers, when looking for their new home are searching for character and charm in its architectural details and its overall feel, that sells them, and says you’re home. Another major and important feature they are looking for is the functionality of the space; does it offer the amenities and must-have storage needs that they need for their belongings?

The home stager highlights the character and charm of the house but yet will open it for them imagine themselves and their belongings in the house.

  • A de-cluttered home highlighting the square footage so that homebuyers can see if the house has enough space for all their needs.
  • De-personalizing by removing the sellers’ belongings that represented their lifestyle.
  • A few key spaces are furnished to give the sense of scale to give them an idea if their furniture would fit.
  • Then comes the upgraded kitchens & bathrooms which show them if they will need to spend additional money on renovations.

90% of the time homeowners are sold on homes where they can feel like they are home and that credit goes to the way home stagers stage the home for it to feel inviting and like home.

So staging plays an important role in helping not only for homebuyers for the reasons above but also for sellers who want to receive the best offer that is closest to their asking price.

We’re here for both the home sellers and homebuyers respectively, with our home staging consultations.

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