Online Shopping Doesn’t Always Mean You Are Getting A Good Deal

Online Shopping Doesn’t Always Mean You Are Getting A Good Deal

The convenience of buying things online seems a very easy and headache-free option for many people. Let me admit, I would rather go shopping online than roaming the malls trying to find things to build my new wardrobe or add to it, or get certain items I know I will find a better deal online than in stores like for example, perfumes, certain branded cosmetics, etc. But I would limit my online shopping till there.

Online Shopping Doesn't Always Mean You Are Getting A Good Deal

I would not purchase furniture online, especially after I have been educated, from attending industry continuing education talks to the possible health risks, that come packaged with those pieces.

The risks are too grave for me to overlook, and feel a very strong sense of responsibility to educate the general public that finds it convenient to buy furniture online without knowing what types of treatments the pieces have been through, what type of upholstery was used and how it was treated.

Ever wonder why we hear so many cases of Auto-Immune diseases, allergies on the rise. Or people feeling sick, but can’t quite pinpoint what the actual cause is for sickness which lingers. It also hit home, which is why it became more of a reason for me to really dig into this, and study this deeper.

When you order those pieces online are coming mainly from China. Now in order, to ship your item, the piece would be boxed and packaged, confining the fumes of the chemicals from the treatments it has gone through while constructing it; and when you open that package, it gets to off-gas, which simply means the fumes get to air out and mostly inside your home.

These are what can be the cause of many diseases, as mentioned above if undiagnosed and untreated can cause complications. And as a note of advice, please air out your home so that the pieces you have already gotten by shopping online. Their construction is built to fail, for lack of a better word, because they want you back buying from them a few years later. These pieces are not built to last. These are going in landfills and adding to an already huge environmental problem.

Here is a video, that my friend Leslie Carothers, has given me the permission to embed here for you to view, and know what you are missing out on when you just rely on convenience and cheaper products, rather than investing in each piece thoughtfully.

Here, I would also like to make a point about designers, who you avoid hiring due to constraints in your budget, and lose out on the value they bring to you by researching the pieces they specify for you and your family’s use and overall well-being.

Furthermore, save you from making costly mistakes, on your limited budget. I have written another post on this which you can read here. We research how each product is made, treated and delivered to you with the least to a non-existent level of chemicals, as best we can.

I hope this post as well as the link to the video I embedded here, were useful for you; and you will make an investment in hiring a designer, and trusting him/her to help you build a healthy home.

Know that I am always a phone call or an email from you solve your design challenges.

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  1. We’ve all become so reliant on online shopping, and you bring up so many good points here about how many pieces are not built to last and how we don’t have knowledge about the toxins and how they are constructed. It’s tough because many folks also don’t have budgets for the really well constructed furniture and other items, which can be quite pricey. It’s an important discussion to have and much to think about!

  2. Great point about how the packing of shipped furniture contains all the off gassing from cheaply made furniture. People have no idea how toxic it all is!

  3. The more we are educated, the more educated decisions we can make when we purchase.

    Thanks for posting (and sharing Leslie’s video).

  4. Hi Farha ~

    Thanks for educating your readers about the importance of thinking through what they are buying, and from whom, and what the potential health repercussions can be.

    And thank you for including my video in your post. I hope everyone will take the time to watch it so they will see the interior construction of some of the most well known *name brand* nothing more than plywood and cardboard.

    It’s so important to buy the INTERIOR QUALITY OF THE FRAME, first, and then to buy the *pretty*, so that more and more furniture doesn’t end up in our landfills.

    And the offgassing issue you’ve brought up is a real one. Thanks for bringing it attention!

  5. Oh what an important and timely posts. It troubles me how much smoke and mirror action there is in the furniture industry. People really can’t know what they are getting when buying from the internet.

  6. I really appreciate your comment on indoor air quality. Knowing the provence of furniture and the makeup of the wood, foam, fabric and finishes is important to creating a non-toxic home environment for our loved ones.

  7. It is so important to know what you are buying and so much of the quality level in furnishings is hidden inside the piece. Buying good quality furnishings from trusted resources that can explain the construction materials used, will save time and money in the long run so it is more responsible both financially and environmentally!

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