How Much Of A Budget Should You Be Prepared To Spend When Working With A Designer

You’re excited to start a new renovation project in your home and you have made a list of all the must-haves in this newly updated space. You think that you want to work with a professional designer because you want the professional expertise.

This expertise is tied to a cost that a majority of people are not aware of, and I will through this post educate you on how designers work.

When you hire an interior designer, you are purchasing their time for a consultation, who put your request on their calendar that they would take away from working on another project, to provide you with their expertise for your particular challenges in your home that you would like to function better for you as well as look beautiful.

In this initial meeting, which is a paid consultation, the designer gets to know you and your needs, and take down all the considerations to be able to prepare the design plan for your home. At this time the designer will also go through their process of implementing your design plan for you along with a timeline for when the payments for their work will be due. If you decide that this designer understands you and your needs by listening to you closely, and would like to work with them, you will be required to sign the Letter of Agreement along with an initial payment of their design fee.

Depending on the scope of work, the designer will inform you as to when you can expect a complete presentation of the design plan. At that time, once you approve everything in the presentation that the designer has specified, you will then be expected to pay the remaining balance of the design fee, and the amount of all the merchandise that you have approved. From there on the project commences. Please refer to my process when I work with my clients.

We as designers love to see the looks of excitement and smiles on our clients’ faces, which makes it all worth it. In order to bring those smiles on their faces, we handpick the best pieces that would fit in our clients’ budgets and group them together to create a beautiful space. Speaking of merchandise, this is where we meticulously, make sure all products work together and enhancing my clients’ spaces in such a way that it tells their story.

When you are thinking about decorating your home, and you are thinking about a budget that you would like to invest in your home, you need to understand that you will need to understand that the budget you are setting aside needs to be flexible and I say that because the budget does not include the designers fee. If you would like to include the designers’ fee in the total amount you want to spend then, understand that the project will then need to be carried out in phases. I will let you know how much of the project will be dedicated to the designers’ fee, and how much will go towards the project. At this time you will have the chance to either stick to the budget or add to it if you would like to have more spaces to be decorated.

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