Ktichen & Bath Finish Selection 

Kitchens are the heart of the home around which life happens and to serve everyone’s needs. The functionality in the storage and finishes along with the layout of the kitchen play an important role in the lives of all using it. Curating a concept that highlights the character and charm, with actual physical finishes based on the needs that these finishes will be exposed to are considerations that take careful attention to detail.

Just as important as the kitchens are; bathrooms need to serve the needs of those using it. Similar considerations need to be considered with careful attention to detail when selecting all finishes and storage needs.

Are You Thinking Of Renovating Your Kitchen & Bathrooms?

If you just need the guidance on selecting the finishes for your kitchen and bathrooms we offer a service that allows you to purchase blocks of time that would be sufficient just to pick the finishes and curating the concepts for your space(s).

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The blocks of time can be purchased when you click on the button below. The minimum is a 5-hour time block based on my hourly rate of $147.

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