How To Style A Room For A Well Curated Look

How To Style A Room For A Well Curated Look

With an eclectic look you can curate all the classic timeless pieces and add to them your flavor. Don’t be afraid to mix things that don’t seem to relate; look at the big picture and see how the space will come together. There is no reason why things should always match or be symmetrical. Not at all necessary. The beauty of eclectic design is that you can pick and choose what you like from all design styles and make it come together beautifully as if it was always meant to be that way. Bring in patterns, textures and pair them up. Don’t worry – Just go ahead and pick what really really grabs your attention – or as the Pier1 ad says –‘Listen to What speaks to You’. I literally do, just to make you feel comforted.

 When I said earlier to choose classic and timeless pieces, I meant more along the lines of furniture which have a classic shape and style to it and will suit any decor. Personally, I like what I see at Pottery Barn, West Elm in that category. When you walk in their showrooms they have a beautifully curated look that can be brought into any space. Even copy the entire look in some instances if your room dimensions allow it.


 Here are some examples of some accessories that also fall under this category of classic and no matter what your style these can definitely find a place in your decor and design style without looking an old style or a misfit.




 I’m sure you might have noticed if you’ve visited any of the Williams Sonoma Home Stores, Pottery Barn, West Elm recently; that they and Sherwin Williams have partnered up to provide the collaboration of their designs and color palettes. Since I love the products from both these companies, I would recommend it to my clients and readers alike that you will always find quality in their products.

 Add to the mix, a touch of a global flavor and that will make your space unique and an extension of yourself, because in the global category you’ll find  accessories or furniture items  that are classic and timeless that you can add to any setting and as the last two photographs show, they will never look out of place.

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