How to Begin Your Decorating Projects

How to Begin Your Decorating Projects

 When you decorate your home or just a room – the best route is to begin with something that sparks your interest, or has been in the family for generations, that you would like to see incorporated into the design scheme, or a destination you have been to or would like to visit, to name a few. This is an indicator of your design style, or part of it is anyway, You can then find furnishings that would complement the inspiration piece, tie things together, in a way that once it all comes together, it looks like it has been collected over a long time and not just bought and arranged.

 As a rule, I recommend my clients to come up with an inspiration piece around which I bring all of the other elements to work effortlessly. If they give me the reigns on the entire project, then I pick up a piece based on their likes and then work around that. In the case of the following room, I had full discretion on how things would come together. I began my project, with the rug that sets the mood of the room and built the entire room around it. Pulled the colors from the rug for the curtains, chairs, accessories, fireplace tiles. wall colors. Repeated the colors all across the room to make it an inviting, cozy family room. 


Over to you, how do you start out your projects?

Not sure, how to make it come together? Well, you’re at the right place. Become a client and we will make it look beautiful and inviting for you and your guests

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