It’s our mission to make your design journey a smooth and enjoyable one without being overwhelming, by following a system of ‘Satisfaction By Design’

In order to cater to your needs, we work with the best trades to do the job required to get the results outlined and expected of us.

We are driven to make each and every client’s experience of working with us a memorable one, while adhering to strong work ethics like honesty and integrity to deliver the results we are proud to have achieved for our clients, by exceeding their expectations.

We follow a simple 15 Step Process that is outlined below for you to understand how we work.

Step 1: Consultation with Farha Syed

At this consultation meeting, we will be discussing your project needs, make note of all your requirements for the space and build a checklist of procedures and an action plan to implement the design.

Step 2: Proposal defining the scope of work for your space, signing of contract, retainer received and official start of project

We outline the results you want to accomplish with the implementation of your project, define the challenges, and then providing the solutions for them. This is an opportunity to bring up any other challenge that you missed during the consultation that you would like to be included in the scope of work. Once all details are discussed both the client and designer will sign off on the contract with a portion of the retainer to be collected.

Step 3: Trade Day: On-site measurements, photos, and final criteria meeting

Here we as well as all the trades who will be working on site, will discuss the scope of work. All measurements will be taken, photographs.

Step 4:  Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics and furnishings

In this step, we are collecting and curating all the components for the presentation so that the client at the presentation can see the complete vision the designer has created for the space based on the information given to complete the project. It’s a cost effective and thorough systematic process.

Step 5: Presentation of estimates, and furnishings/materials. a collection of deposit

In this meeting, the complete design will be presented with all the finishes, color schemes, furnishings, fabrics for drapes or upholstery and will be approved and the invoices for each of the items will be signed with the deposit check collected.

Step 6: Placement of orders and delivery lead time assessment

Orders will be placed and lead times will be assessed on all orders, tracking orders, notifying you of any back orders on items that were approved at the presentation.

Step 7: Initiation of construction and renovation

The construction and renovation begin. We make site visits as necessary and ensure that all the details are implemented to get the desired finished look.

Step 8: Budget Review

In this step, we meet to discuss and make sure all the large items are ordered and are on the way, and if there were any change orders, they are also taken care of without affecting the budget.

Step 9: Installation period continues and receipt of orders

All installations of any custom items, and or drapery hardware, fixtures happen in this stage. The ordered products and furnishings are being received.

Step 10: Furniture installation and styling

In this step, all furniture is assembled and arranged in the spaces, and styled and given the finishing touches with styling the space for a completed look.

Step 11: Client reveal

This is the most fun part of the project as we walk through with the client throughout the space talking about each and everything that is installed, and all the instructions are presented for caring for the items that require care.

Step 12: Deficiencies walk through

In this step which many times happens if there are any mistakes or deficiencies are addressed. We try our level best to make sure everything happens with care, but mistakes do happen and we take ownership of mistakes and get them resolved.

Step 13: Resolving deficiencies

In this step we try to resolve within 10 business days.

Step 14: Client closure meeting and presentation of final invoices

In this step we present any outstanding invoices that are due, mostly covering out of pocket expenses like the cleaning service or delivery service and collect payment and close the project as completed.

Step 15: Presentation of client binder and Thank You

In this step, mostly happens with the closure of the project that we present the clients with a binder with the all of the materials samples, invoices and complete costs associated with the project. We thank our clients choosing to work with us on their projects.

Clients’ Essential Role

Clients have an important task of identifying to us what their goals are for the projects, any inspirations that they like from our work in our portfolio or through Houzz Lookbooks, Pinterest inspirations etc are what give us a clear understanding of the client wishes to achieve at the end of the project. This step is usually required as their preparation for the consultation. So these are discussed at the consultation and are addressed in the proposal. When we present the proposal for the space we have everything covered.

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