How A Well Designed Home Office Can Boost Productivity

With more and more people working from home either remotely for their employers or you have your own business, an organized home office is what will boost your productivity and make each day a step in the right direction. With a variety of styles, you can get a customized home office that has the perfect flow for your needs and have all things within reach.

Above are some examples of the more modern/contemporary styles of home offices where the design is very minimal with clean lines yet have all important things within reach. The first picture shows a wall of storage with a separate desk. The second office has textured drawer fronts on the lower cabinets and the uppers have a smooth finish and are contrasting the cabinets below the counter which creates an interesting look. The third office is vibrant and has a mix of finishes to make the design that stands out because of the colorful cabinet doors. The fourth has a very contemporary minimal look again as you will notice the finishes are mixed to make an impact and keep the space inviting with an amazing view. The last in this little gallery also has the view of the outside and is again very minimal with a few shelves, drawers and lots of desk space. All different and unique yet functional for those using the space.

The following are a few examples of slightly more elaborate styles that suit the more traditional design aesthetics.

The first office in these set of pictures shows that you can embellish your cabinets with crowns and add glass door cabinets in the upper cabinets and more basic style with contrasting cabinet and drawer fronts to the upper cabinets. And since the whole wall is taken up to utilize the storage needs, it becomes the focal point in the room as you see the details in the bold upper cabinets with crown molding to enhance the design. The next one has an interesting look. The off-white cabinets are embellished with base and crown molding that matches the color of the walls in the room and makes a bold statement. It has some display areas which showcase the beautiful vases against the rich wall color. The last one is really elaborate with the fluted columns, crowns and a decorative element added to the tallest cabinet section. This style matches the old world look that is present in the room with the faux wallpaper and art.

Now that you have an idea of what is possible you may want to begin your office design and get organized.

I am an email or a phone call away from designing your custom home office that you would love to spend time in even when you are not working, but want to hang out there because it looks so amazing.

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