Give Them Something To Remember

Give Them Something To Remember

Love that song.

 Now, wouldn’t you just love it when your house is the talk of the town because of the beautiful interiors that they can’t help talking about? Everyone wants a space that not only they’ll enjoy for years to come but rather give their guests something to remember. It’s the spectacular atmosphere, that is felt the moment one steps in the house.

 Dare to be you, dare to be unique and give them something to remember.  Always think of ways to entice them to beg for more of what they see at first instance as they enter. Don’t settle for just the typical styles, mix things up and create fabulous, outstanding results. A bit unsure are we of how to start out? Always go for what truly speaks to you and get something that represents your taste to a T. Literally.  Here are some inspirational photographs that would get your wheels turning.

 Give Them Something To Remember

Give Them Something To Remember

Give Them Something To Remember


 I’m sure you’ve been re-energized looking at such fabulous photographs and to plan out your next project.

 Never ever underestimate the power of light. I can’t stress this point enough, as I have in my previous posts, you can read here and here.  Its what makes the spaces you love to see on movie sets, in magazines that attract you. Again, be daring and pick a fixture that is truly you.

 Color plays just as an important role in how your spaces make you or others feel in your space. So be sure to consult with someone who really knows about it. Please don’t go out without a plan to the paint store and buy something that you’re not going to like. Please consult a color consultant, who will create a space that flows from one room to the next without it being too choppy or as if someone just went with whim to paint rooms that don’t relate in any way. Common mistake, that can be avoided, if consulted with someone who has studied them.

 When you read about how designers, mix and match furnishings, there’s always something that would click together from one room to the next. Mix things but make sure you use some element that is repeated in one way or another to keep things BALANCED and cohesive. If the budget is open or limited, each scenario can produce spectacular results that one would not know how things were pulled together. Takes a bit of creativity and knowledge of how to bring things together to create a cohesive look and have a room that is put together well, with smallest of details that make it a true representation of yourself.

 Still not sure, how to create a room or space look put together and have a lived in look, well look no further, become a client and sign up for my consultation.

 Always remember I’m an email and phone call away to solve your design dilemmas.

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