Why do you charge a consultation fee? 

When I come to you for consultation I have set that time exclusively for you to ask me questions for all your design dilemmas and get expert advice, and ideas on how you could do things differently to make your space as unique as you. I am letting you take advantage of my knowledge and expertise. And since this is a working appointment, I do charge for my time. We will discuss a whole array of aspects that will be involved in designing your new space. All my services begin with a consultation.

What happens next after the consultation? 

Once we have gone through our working appointment, you will have a clear understanding of what is involved and all the options laid out in front of you to choose from. And depending on which option you choose to avail, we will begin that process and get on with designing the new space that you would love for years to come.

What is your fee based on in your proposal? What does it include? 

The fee in the proposal is based on the scope of work noted in the consultation and calculating how many hours it will take to complete your project. A Turn-Key Design typically is capped at a minimum of 50 hours at my hourly rate of $147. The proposal only gives an ESTIMATE of how much it would cost you in design fees. There is an admin fee that is charged at $75 an hour. All the different tasks that go into managing your project from start to finish are categorized and listed with the number of hours spent on each task. We will go over it together so any questions you may have I can answer in-person.

How long will a project last? 

A typical Turn-Key project can take anywhere from 12-18 weeks. This is because of the lead times on your furnishings being ready and ready to be delivered for installation.

What other alternatives do I have if I do not want to go for the Turn-Key Design?

We offer a few other services like our Online Interior Design, 5-Day Makeovers, Design On Demand Program. The first one is design done entirely online. It puts you in the driver’s seat in implementing your design project from the design I create for you.  5-Day Makeovers are a quick way to spruce up your space in a matter of 5 days. Designer On Demand is a unique service in that you purchase a block of my time, minimum being 5 hours, is in increments of 5 that you can add on if you need. This service is great for when you are building your home with the builder, but want someone to be able to help you guide you in selecting kitchen and bath finish selections at the builder’s design center or with my vendors. It is also great when you are looking to renovate your homes, especially kitchens and bathrooms. These blocks of hours come in handy when you need my professional guidance and advice to help you select other items for your home that you are creating.

Is Window Treatments a standalone service? 

It can be a separate service if that’s all you want to do is get window treatments for your home. But it is part of my services that are dealing with doing entire rooms designs as I feel that window treatments complete the room.

How does Shop The Look work? 

This is the easiest thing ever. All you have to do is select the mood board you like, you will be taken to my profile on The Design Network, where I have my mood board set where you will be able to purchase the products. Now if there is a Look you would like to alter one or two things, I can do that for you and we can do an online interior design aka e-design right on that site for you. There are 3 different packages for you to choose from on that platform.