How To Get The Colors of Your Walls, Doors & Trims To Work Together

How To Get The Colors of Your Walls, Doors & Trims To Work Together

Never did understand why the white trim and doors weren’t a good match with the chosen wall colors in any room that had used the earthy color palettes, with browns, mustard, gold-beiges. I confess I was one of them who had strong earthy colors, against which my white doors and trims would be screaming.

I do give myself a tiny bit of credit though, for knowing that there was something that didn’t work. It always bothered me.  But  I was always hushed, even if I suggested changing the color of the trim and doors. (YUP, you guessed it right, my hubby dearest would just hush me. I know its sad.)

 Then two years ago I stumbled upon Maria Killam’s blog, who happens to be a color expert, who has developed a color system, which separates, the neutrals, in categories. She sells those neutral paint colors painted on large boards that can show the undertones much more clearly as opposed to the tiny color samples. She has written an e-book.

 Once I studied her system, I understood why my white doors and trim against the strong earthy colors bothered me so much. I have lost sleep over this, YES!. Once I understood why it bothered me.

I decided to change the entire earthy and warm color palette to a much cooler and classic color palette.  The very thing that bothered me the most, changed to a feeling of being a classic home that has been here from the beginning.

 What Inspirs You?


 The warm earthy colors should always be paired with creams and off-whites, and I can guide which ones should be paired with which color palette. The cooler colors should be paired with the whites, (and there are many choices with all the different undertones showing through) and which will make the whites look beautiful and fresh.
I do have them paired up so no matter which color palette you opt for you will know exactly which ones to purchase for your painting projects. And thus, all interiors will be completely cohesive, with the correct pairings of wall, trim and door colors.


 The picture above gives the perfect example of the trim color being off-white with an earthy wall color.

If you’re not sure about which colors work well, or would simply like to get your paint choices correct the first time, become a client and contact me for a color consultation.

 I’m just an email or phone call away to solve your design and color dilemmas.

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