Classic With A Twist Of Modern

Being a creative, I don’t necessarily like to follow trends, but rather create interiors that are based on the classic and timeless pieces, and mix in some other design styles to make it a one of a kind unique space that suits the tastes of all living in and using the space. All the different design styles are brought in layers to add a bit of quirkiness and fun.

Nothing says more classic than a Chesterfield sofa which evokes men’s club grandiosity and opulence. The lightly distressed leather continues the theme, and its aged look and feel will only intensify more beautifully with time. Starting with a more masculine base sets the mood and you can then layer in a bit of the feminine touches to suit other peoples tastes in the mix. Beauty comes when each is equally balanced and creates a vibe that just draws people in.

The room below exudes that sophisticated look that can be both formal and casual at the same time.

The sofa is classic tufted leather in the medium brown Conrad Sofa by Four Hands, that wears beautifully in setting the mood of this grouping.

Classic With A Twist Of Modern

The blue Marlow wing chair also by Four Hands is a classic with a modern twist in that the wings are not as closed in as traditional wingback chair, but rather is spread out and gives it a grander look.

modern classic

The feminine elegance is sprinkled in through the chandelier and the coffee table, end tables and the faux fur stools with their gold accents.

beautiful elegance


If this look is a representation of your design aesthetic you can Shop the Look and set the mood for your space and enjoy it for years to come. As this is not going out of style anytime soon.

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