6 Ways For A Makeover Without Breaking Your Bank

6 Ways For A Makeover Without Breaking Your Bank

Re-decorating may seem a daunting task, but if planned, can be quite an interesting and enjoyable activity/project that you can proudly re-use what you already have and give different purposes to an object(s). But this is not always true for every item. I’ve got quite a few projects up my sleeve that I am waiting to get my hands on.
Here’s my list of how you can give your home a makeover with spending a fortune and still get results as if a designer had been in your space.

1. Shop around in your own home first: 

 Take an inventory of your house and see if you would like to use certain pieces of furnishings and or accessories that have been in the family for generations and or have other special memories that you would like to keep are great. Family photographs, and other memorabilia. Gather all the stuff that you want to keep and come back to them with a plan of action that you will be creating in a later step.

 2. Share your things with others:

 Recycle your furnishings or sell them and get the money to fund all or part of this project. I would sell them so that you don’t have to dip into your savings to complete your makeover project. If you do decide to recycle your older stuff, either you can donate them to places like the Habitat for Humanity ReStores where your items will get used to furnish homes that the organization builds for deserving families, with a new look and purpose.  Some people like to buy stuff at much lower prices and again give those items a new purpose in their homes. Either way, your things are not becoming a part of the landfills and adding to the problem of polluting by burning them. A Responsible Way to dispose of your things you no longer use. By the way, these Re-stores are a great place to find stuff that you can as a resource when looking for a deal, especially if you’re a DIY kind of a person.

 3. Determine your design style:

 If you haven’t already done this, this would probably be a good time to do, since you’re giving your space a makeover and creating that feel that you want to feel when you walk in the door as well as people who visit you.

4. Survey your Favorite Stores:

 This is an important thing that one must do without falling for a deal going on that time. Unless you know for a fact that it only comes once a year then you can splurge and buy the item or items that you think are a steal – and I mean a steal. Not just the regular kinds of sale that come around every few weeks. Do keep tabs on those, but don’t spend a penny. But initially just go and survey the furniture stores, other specialty shops and see how things are set up. This is truly a trip to get inspired by items that you would possibly use as the inspiration piece. Take pictures of the items you like, these will help you in bringing together a cohesive plan together to move forward in the project.

 5. Formulate a color scheme:

 Here comes the fun part of actually selecting a color palette, the backdrop to all of your wonderful and carefully selected pieces that are unique to you and your style, that tell a story about you.  Draw inspiration from a favorite piece, that you are keeping or from one that you found on sale for the spectacular deal. I would advise going with a color palette that makes you happy, and one that does not follow trends, because they come and go. I would advise sticking with something that is up to date as well as classic and timeless. Here is where I can help you with determining that classic color palette that would look fresh every time you walk in your space.

 6. Give your furniture a new look: 

 If you would like to use your old furniture, for whatever reason, you have the option of either painting it and or re-upholstering it. Sometimes it’s the fabric of the sofa or chair that if changed can get a new life on its own as well as in the space it’s kept. Those can be done through me and you only need to approve the fabric sample that I show you and you, once you approve it the piece of furniture is taken to the upholsterer. As for painting the furniture, there are fun ways of creating drama and create a conversation piece in a room. Re-purpose your pieces to serve in a completely different way and in a completely different part of the house. 

Lovely thought, isn’t it?

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