3 Things You Are Missing Out On

3 Things You Are Missing Out On

It is a nice feeling when I hear that I am inspiring someone to do design projects around their home. I feel valued that someone is reading and keeping up with my posts.

I have this one lady who I meet every so often, and she tells me that she reads my posts regularly and that my posts have inspired her to do projects around her home.

I really am glad that what I am putting out there does have value with those who do read the blog posts and makes me want to write. But there are three things, I would like to talk about here that are not known commonly, but I feel it is important for my readers to know.

Feel confident, that I am here to help you; my clients in creating your builder-basic houses into beautiful homes that are a relaxing and peaceful haven for you to enjoy for years to come.

Designers Vision 

When you hire a designer (me),  they take your vision, look at it from a different perspective, and creates a design that is whole where all elements are considered. They pay attention to detail because their eye is trained in that manner from their education and also experience, and pick up the slightest of things that may have slipped the cracks.

Uniqueness That Cannot Be Copied 

Here is where you really enjoy the perks of working with an Interior Designer. But because of a lack of knowledge on how a designer can be the best investment in your home renovating/re-designing projects, many of you generally think that you are paying less when you go out to retail Furniture stores to purchase your furnishings, places like Homegoods etc.

Don’t get me wrong I do love Homegoods. Every once in a while I will find a one of a kind piece that I too would love to display in my home. There’s nothing wrong with that but it is a chance that you would find a similar product in other people’s homes. Meaning to say, anyone can copy your look and then there is nothing unique about your home.

If you invest a little more money, you can get a piece that is researched and tested in person to ensure quality. (Another post is in the works on this very topic.)

When working with a designer (me), you will have a completely unique item that cannot be copied because designers work with To The Trade, vendors who exclusively, work with designers. As a general rule of thumb, I make sure that I do not use the same pieces, from one clients’ home to other clients’ home. To maintain that uniqueness factor that I have carefully curated based on my clients’ likes and personality.

The Most Important, But Unknown Factor: Price 

This is an unknown fact, that many people do not know and is a myth I would like to shatter for you. The fact, that you hire an interior designer does not mean that you are spending a fortune.

Yes, you will pay the designer for their time, in which the designer takes care of all the behind the scenes unglamorous job of placing orders, tracking them, making sure, that if there are products that come in damaged, we take care in resolving the issue and making sure, that the new replacement be received and be delivered within a reasonable time frame.

We charge you, Yes, but our clients’ need to know and understand that we have done our research on our products, how they are made in terms of construction method, how they are treated, whether they use safe ways of making sure that they are not using formaldehyde an agent which may be the cause of allergies, and autoimmune diseases which are really high nowadays, as well as if they are environmentally friendly or not.

We also, save you from making some very costly mistakes, especially when your budget is limited. Here is a very detailed blog post you can read here.

Limited Budget? Interior Designer: A Luxury Or A Need?

Secondly, as I mentioned above, that we work with To The Trade vendors, whom we enjoy perks for working with, which we extend to our clients where applicable. So overall, the design fee that you are paying to the designer (me), will balance out with the savings that the designer will bring your way, through working with their vendors and most importantly in time.  It’s a great deal if you ask me. Hiring a designer actually is the best first step in investing in your home.

As mentioned, in the three areas where working with a designer is actually a great investment which you as the client are not aware of, or have a misconception about. I hope I have cleared some of your misconceptions, and shed light on what you get as a client when you bring us into your home to help you make it your own.

Until my next post, I wish that you

Have A Fabulous Day!

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  1. All true, Farha. Thanks for sharing some of the benefits of professional expertise!

  2. Farha:

    Thanks for explaining some of the reasons why working with you is a good idea, and how, in the long run, it is a way to save money vs. trying to do my home myself. I like knowing that you are aware if the environmental implications of what goes into my home.

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